Business or Pleasure?

I’m here in lovely San Jose, California, accompanying my husband on a business trip. When I first heard he was told to hitch up the wagons and head west, I was sad to think I’d be left alone for a whole week! But that quickly changed when I found out Pete’s parents would be back in Texas before the trip. Babysitters! Well.. more like doggie-sitters! I don’t like leaving my dogs with just anyone. Luckily they love them just as much as we do. Dropping them off the night before we flew out was like getting a break from our children. No one to follow me around the house for a whole week. No one to feed, let outside, or pick up after! Yahoo!

The flights went smoothly. No long layovers. We arrived at 11am, with the rest of the day to do whatever! We intentionally came a day early so we could do some sightseeing over the weekend.

First, I must say, car rental employees sure are curious! I’ve never rented a car in my life. Maybe this is normal to everyone else, but during the whole process we were asked prying questions. “What are you in town for?”.. that’s an obvious one, I’m okay with that. “Business or pleasure?”, “How long are you here for?”, “What are you planning on doing?”, “Why are you paying from a personal account if this is a business trip?”, “What is the natural color of your hair?”, “Do your parents still get along?”,”Were you hugged as a child?” So the last few were exaggerations, but I was really taken aback and wasn’t expecting to be drilled. Most of those questions might be standard, but one question led to another and it felt like an interrogation. Like we were on a watch list of people who may decide to flee the country with a rental car. We look the type don’t we.

Do we?

Well, apparently I am naive.

I’m usually so good at picking out salesmen. My sweet husband had to explain to his dumb wife that they were digging into the deep, dark, depths of our lives to find out what more they could sell us. Makes sense too.. dirty buggers.

Then after a hilarious exit of the parking garage which forced us to drive on a spiral ramp from the 1000th floor to ground level, we left, and I moved on.

Sometimes I feel sorry for my husband who’s married a woman with steadily increasing blonde moments.


Since we arrived so early in the day we drove up to Half Moon Bay and took a very beautiful, scenic drive on highway 1 which runs right along the coast. We found ourselves ooing and ahhing, and stopping every ten feet to take pictures. It was gorgeous.



^That’s my husband. He is cute.^


We got up super early, to pack in a bunch of sightseeing on our last full day before the work week. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you get up early.

I really wanted to see the Red Wood Forest. I have always wanted to see it. There wasn’t enough time to see the HUGE red woods, but we drove through some windy, crazy roads and saw breath taking sights. I was so happy when we found an area with the red wood trees.

I’ve never seen anything like them in my life. There are no words to describe..TV doesn’t do them justice. In real life… they’re so humbling and majestic. You feel so small. I was totally speechless. I felt like all was right in the world. The smell was totally overpowering. I couldn’t believe it. It was piney, and Christmasy, and crazy strong. Like, take your breath away, strong. Those breaks in the reality of life are what seems to make me feel whole again. I would be perfectly happy to live in those trees for the rest of my days, completely unaware of anything else going on in the world. Just so you know.


I’ve only had time to process a few images, but here is one from our drive through the woodsy area.

It was raining for the better part of the day, but it made for beautiful photos. After we did our adventuring though the wilderness, we made our way to San Francisco. We checked out Haight & Ashbury, walked around Pier 39, saw the Golden Gate Bridge and just drove around.

Alcatraz from afar.

We did all the touristy things and concluded that San Francisco is kind of just one big tourist trap! It was a little disappointing, but worth the experience anyways. We are the type of people who prefer to get down to the real [insert destination here]. Like, find all the spots where the locals go. Experience the local flavor and life where ever we go. We did enjoy our time at The Cliff House that night though. Very neat place. Best calamari ever. Ever.  If you’re ever in the area, make sure to go there before the sunset! Unfortunately when we went it was already dark. It’s right on the ocean… on a cliff. Perfect.

I think the best part of San Francisco was the way it looked at night. It is a beautiful lively city.

And the hills are crazy cool to drive on.

We might come back. Who knows. As for living in California… that option is available, but we love Texas. Austin to be more specific. It’s comfortable and homey and has all the city life we’d ever need. And we don’t need much.

Don’t ask me about Colorado though.