Little Visitor

A few weekends ago our friends dropped by for a visit. We rarely get pop-in visitors since we are farther out of town, so it was a fun surprise! And of course they had with them The Cutest Boy In The World.

I named him that.

Or at least I like to take credit for it.


Can’t you just about hear the laughter in this picture?


I remember when he was this big…


He posed for me under one circumstance… that he get to see the picture on my camera right after.

I obliged. And he giggled.


He’s growing up sooo fast!


Can’t wait to have one of my own. :)

Dittany Baby Leg Warmers : Not just for infants and toddlers

What a fun shoot we had this past Saturday! Even with the threat of rain looming overhead. With our smart phones in hand to keep the radar updating, we managed to get many great shots just before the rain came.

Elias(6), and Anna(8), my models for the day, were so cute and loved having their picture taken. The two best qualities in a model. :)

Now here’s proof you can get many more years out of your Dittany Baby leg warmers for your kids!

You can buy these warmers, and many other teams on They will also soon be selling NFL teams, so keep an eye out!