If you’re in the area, and happen to pop in for a midafternoon visit, don’t be alarmed at what you find.

It starts with a yawn.

A contageous yawn.

And another.

It’s quite the sight.

Then begins the downward sprial…

Can hardly keep the eyes open..

Everything starts getting hazy..

It’s pretty pathetic.

It’s over.

There’s no coming back.

We take naps really seriously in this house.

And frequently.

Blue Skies & Bluebonnets

I know I’ve said this before, but.. it’s spring in Texas! Although it could be summer because it was sweltering yesterday. And last week felt a little like winter.

It doesn’t know what it’s doing. So you could say I’ve decided it’s spring around here.

Someone’s gotta.

Regardless, it’s the one time of year when everything is green and blooming for a while!

So, Pete and I went on a cruise yesterday.

I really wanted to go take photos of the bluebonnets that are everywhere.

Everywhere is no exaggeration.

We jumped across the highway to the gas station to grab some drinks before our drive. Glancing out the window in the check out line, we spotted 10 vehicles parked off the highway. Every one belonging to a family who were now scattered across this 40 acre field of bluebonnets snapping shots of their kids.

They’re everywhere. The bluebonnets that is.

Since that field was quite occupied, we went off to find another patch to snap some shots of.

Like many roads in Texas right now, this one had bluebonnets in the ditch.

They make me feel warm and fuzzy.

And one last one…

They’re so pretty.

Here’s some more from our drive…

I want to live here..

I love horses. Such beautiful animals.

I also love bluebonnets.

And spring.