Thrift Store Finds : October 2013

Here I am, home in Minnesota, celebrating the birth of the first grand baby in the family.

I’m an auntie!

I’m an auntie with a camera and a mission to get as many pictures of this precious little punkin before I have to leave.

Here’s just one shot of her before I get on with this post…


So today, my mom and I had to head to town to run TWO errands. Pick up my car from getting detailed, and get a few grocery deals at Target. Two stops turned into four as usual!

(Conveniently) There happened to be a Goodwill next door to the car detail place. So we popped in.. just for a peek..

…and hit my kind of jackpot!

Here’s our cart after a whole ten minutes..
Mom got a nice set of blue coffee cups as a gift, perfect for grandma. Then she found a Pyrex bowl identical to one she had that broke. She also took home a couple frames.

I’m a sucker for vintage/antique home decor items, and was super excited when I scored these little stamped wood baskets for around $3 a piece.
Along with the baskets, I found that piece of coral for $1.49, the wide neck milk glass vase for $2.99 (which I’ve been looking for!), two cute little frames for $1.49 total, and a brand new set of 4 wooden bowls for $3.49!

On our way home we decided to hit up the Salvation Army and see if we could get lucky again.

Mom found this sweet lamp base to give to my sister to use in her apartment… $4.50! All lamps were half off! With a new shade, and possibly a paint job(I personally like the wood), it’ll look awesome!
I found these 3 candle stick holders, and octagon mirror for $7 total!

I would have a serious problem on my hands if I ever found myself employed at a thrift store. Someone make sure that never happens please… my self control is weak.

I’m pretty excited about my finds! I spent $20.. can’t beat that! Excited to get them home.