DIY Free Map Artwork – No Skill Necessary!

Today, I was brainstorming as what to do with the last two empty frames on my living room collage wall that have been empty for a year.

A whole year.

Don’t judge. Picking artwork is a process I take very seriously.


I decided the best thing I could do is make some free artwork using things I already had. It’s custom, it’s personal, and it’s… fun! Not to mention crafty, which is right up my alley, and one more Pinterest DIY project I can check off my list. And hello… free. So if I change it out tomorrow, I lose nothing! Except maybe my mind, because DIY artwork is awesome.

I already had maps that I liked saved to my computer for just this kind of project. Minnesota, Wisconsin and Texas. I was raised in the flat lands of Northern Minnesota. My hubby, from Wisconsin. And we are now both living in Texas.

I printed off the maps on my printer at home. Can’t get cheaper than that.

Then tediously cut them out.

Then I printed some hearts, cut them out, and stuck them over each of our hometowns, and our current city. Then stuck the states to the white side of the frame’s paper insert. Put it back in the frame, and Voila!

Free, easy, quick DIY artwork, and it looks cute too. :)

This is my favorite kind of project. No skill necessary. I might even change out the white background for some burlap if I’m really feeling edgy and crazy.

I was back to sipping my coffee in a matter of 45 minutes!

Do this. It’s fun, personal, and might even make someone go up n’ look at it and ask questions. Afterall, that’s what artwork is there for.

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