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Firstly, so terribly sorry to anyone who reads my blog, I’ve been absent for quite some time. Family emergencies are never expected and I was gone for a good 4 months since around Christmas time. But all is well again. I’m just now getting back into the swing of things at home in Texas.


I’ve been having some fun with decorating again. Moving accessories around, playing a process of elimination with ideas that I have, and then changing it around again after I stare at it for a week. Takes me a few tries before I get it right!

No one said I knew what I was doing!

The Home & Garden channel helps too :)

So we’re getting ready for some guests!
And, in thinking about what I like and want in a guest room… being a guest in someones home, the first thing I hope for is comfort. An inviting space you can be comfortable in, and a bed you can sleep well in away from home. If you’re a couple visiting someone, you most likely appreciate sleeping in the same bed. Well that wasn’t an option at my house. A nice big couch and a day bed with a trundle was what was in my guest room. And the mattresses weren’t comfortable at all.

Here is the room after it’s first time I had to throw together a guest room. This was way better than a storage room with no floor space, and white walls. :) That little sewing table is now out in my living room.


photo-12[2] Working with things I already had in the house, it really wasn’t horrible. But I eventually got sick of it because it really wasn’t what I wanted, and now that we have guests coming soon(we don’t get many of those!), I decided now was the perfect time to switch it up!

So, I sold the daybed and couch on Craigslist. $400.00 for both, which means I had that to spend :) They both sold within one day of posting! That was really helpful in getting this room on it’s way to being done on time.

I’m always selling things on Craigslist. You might look around and wouldn’t think you have anything to sell until you start asking yourself, when was the last time I used this? Or, am I going to really miss that? That has really helped me get as far as I have with my home decorating. I usually end up selling something in the house first, so I can make room and get the money I need to get what I really want. When we first moved in, we needed a kitchenette table, so we sold Pete’s Grandma’s outdated dining room set on Craigslist. A few days later, we bought a very cute, antique pub style kitchenette table for the same amount we sold the his Grandma’s table for. An even trade, and we got something we would use. We went out and purchased a dining room table we both liked a few months down the road. Moral of the story, sell the things you dont need, for the things you do! I didn’t need a couch in my guest room taking up space and never being used. So I sold it, and the daybed to make the guest room of my dreams… or the dreams of whoever sleeps there.

Provided we share the same style.

And love of burlap.


After those big items were gone,
the room looked like this…

IMG_3350[2] About a month ago we got a new dresser from Ikea on the cheap-izzy, so we put our old one in here. It really is quite a small room which is why I can’t get a wider angled shot. 11’2″ X 9’11”, just barely enough room for furniture, let alone walking space. It’s definitely a challenge for me.


AHHHHHHH MESS! It cannot stay like this, thank you.

So I took down the wall decor, and moved everything to the middle of the room.

Then I painted. $0.00 spent.

I mixed together 3 different colors I had left over from other parts of the house, and came up with this soft, warm gray color. I hate paint going to waste. And I’m cheap. I also have a very large cabinet in the garage filled with leftover paint and wouldn’t have been able to fit one more paint can in there.

I may need to go to paint can counseling. No one needs 13 cans of different colored house paint.

A girl needs options I guess.

So anyways, turns out a coffee can works great for mixing paints together. I was able to do the whole room with one coffee can full of paint.

A person can do a lot of thinking while painting.

So sleeping arrangements were in the back of my mind the whole time. We had a queen bed in this room once before but my husband was dead set on getting rid of it because he didn’t think it fit. So we got rid of it.


We really couldn’t make it fit the last time. I also was against putting it in front of the window then. My style has changed quite a bit since… I’ve become a little more enlightened on what you can get away with. Well guess what. I wanted that queen bed back so I could stick it in front of the window. BAM!

So I hit Craigslist. I lucked out and found a very clean, nearly new queen sized bed and boxspring. The owner had purchased it 2 years before for $2,200, and was selling for $450.00.

Heck no, I didn’t pay that! Crazy crazy.

They needed to get rid of the bed by May 29th because they were moving. I emailed and said if they didn’t get rid of it for the price they were asking by moving day, I would take it off their hands for $200.00. They agreed, and sure enough, the bed is now ours!

I gotta say. I’m certainly impressed with how nice of a mattress it is. Comparable on the comfort scale to our sleep number. Which is a tough act to follow.

Obviously buying a secondhand mattress from someone you don’t know can be sketchy, especially on Craigslist. But they lived in a rich area of Austin, and the owners appearance and apartment was very clean, so I wasn’t too concerned. Gotta do some profiling when it comes to this stuff. :)

I washed the mattress cover with bleach on the sanitize setting, and sprayed the bed with lysol.

Done, and done.


This photo was taken after I gave the lamp a makeover, here, and painted the cute little end table, here.

The lamp makeover was $0.00. I had the jute rope, and the lamp already. The lamp was bought at Walmart last year for ten bucks.

The endtable, with the cute wood cutouts, was on Craigslist listed at $28, and I got it down to $22.00.

A metal bed frame didn’t come with the bed, so we had to find one. We lucked out, and found one at a garage sale and got it for $10.00! Everyone else on Craigslist was selling them for $25 and up.

The total up to now:
–  22.00
–  10.00
= $168.00 remaining!

NOW, on to my most exciting project for this room!

It’s amazing, and a total beaut.

Here’s the story,
of a burlap fabric,
that was waiting for just the right spot…

But really, how gorgeous is it!

5 items are needed for this project.

  • 1. Plywood. For a queen bed, cut down at Home Depot/Lowes to 62″x35″, and two legs cut out of the scraps. $20.
  • 2. Twin mattress pad, $13 from Target.
  • 3. Fabric of your choice. My gray burlap fabric that I had was $7 a yard, and I used about 2 yards.
  • 4. Upholstery nails. I used extra long silver ones. $1.30 for 20 at Home Depot. I used about two packages because they kept bending when I would try pound them in.
  • 5. A staple gun and staples.

Total spent: $35.00

$168 – $35 = $133 left!

IMG_3400[2] Lay everything out like this.
Staple down the pad first. Don’t worry if it looks like it wont fit. They have a little stretch to them, and will wrap perfectly around the sides, just pull tight!
Then staple the fabric. I didn’t use batting like I maybe should have, but it really wasn’t missed.
Once you’re done stapling, flip it over and find the center of the headboard. That’s where you will nail in your first upholstery nail.
I marked the first one with tape and a sharpie, then nailed it in. Now work out from there.
From the center nail, I measured the middle point between the first nail and the edge, but just on the short side of the headboard. Do not do this for the long ways, because they will be staggered, and that will screw up your pattern. To work out from this point, I measured the center points between each nail and the nail to the edge. In this case it was half of 8.75″, so 4.325″ roughly. From those center points, I measured out either side 8.75 inches, and that’s where I tacked in my upholstery nails. Maybe this illustration will clarify what I mean.
Keep with that measuring system until your finished!

Your measurements might be totally different than mine as far as where you place your upholstery nails. This is just what I liked visually. I didn’t just pick a distance between nails out of thin air obviously, that’s what I kept finding the center, and it worked out.

Because I had burlap, I was able to poke the nails through the weaving which made it easier to line them up before I nailed them into the wood permanently.

Continue on your merry way until you have this…

Now, at this point, I grabbed my hubby and had him help me put the legs on. We made it so the legs fit into the metal bed frame, so we can bolt it to the frame itself. IMG_3424[2]

IMG_3436[2] It’s so rich looking! I’m in love with a headboard and I’m not afraid to say it!

Now, to get my bedding I ordered from Target. Waiting very impatiently on it!

Anxious to take final pictures :)


*One small update already! June 4th
Snagged this chair off Craigslist on the cheap! It’s probably the biggest splurge besides the bed. It was posted for $50, and I got him down to $40. It’s so cozy and cute. Don’t you just want to curl up with a book and a cup of coffee?
IMG_3474[2] IMG_3476[2]
It’s the perfect size for the small corner.

From before, we had $133.00 left over to spend. Minus $40.00, leaves me with $93.00!

Stay tuned for an update to this post with final room pictures!


It took longer than expected, but my bedding finally arrived! No sooner did the boxes hit the front step, they were whipped inside, unpacked, and in the washing machine. I was antsy waiting for those few loads to get done so I could fit everything together in its place. It was already set in my head, but seeing the finished product was going to be the icing on the cake.

By the way, this room makes for very good naps. We’ve tested it :)

First lets start with the Grand Total!
Starting with a $400.00 credit from items sold on Craigslist…

$400.00 Credit
-200.00 Mattress & Box Spring
–  22.00 End Table
–  10.00 Bed Frame
–    0.00 Paint
–    0.00 Lamp
–    0.00 Accessories & Wall Art
–  35.00 Headboard
–  40.00 Chair & Ottoman
-129.00 Bedding (Sheet set, down comforter, 2 sets pillow cases, king pillow, and skirt)
= $36.00 out of pocket!

Now if that doesn’t say “SCORE!”, I don’t know what does.

On to the photos.

Here is a quick collage I threw together since I couldn’t get the whole room in one shot.
guest room
Click to see larger.

IMG_3522[2] I liked the eclectic feel and asymmetrical look of the mismatched side tables/lamps. I felt it was okay because the square black framed print on the left, balanced out the square black floor lamp on the right. It also could be looked at from a gender point of view.. more masculine on the right, more feminine on the left. Either way, it’s asymmetrically balanced. And that seems to be more pleasing to my eye than something so perfect, it’s one half is a mirrored image of it’s other half. I also need to accessorize that floor lamp a little.

At the other end of the room we have the little chair. The quilt I have on the bed really pulls together the room with the accessories I already had. The print on the wall pulls from the quilt. Do you see the connection between the pillow and the quilt? The smallest similarity like their right angle design is all you need to have them go together. And it works!

IMG_3512[2] This watercolor, Pete’s mom painted for us as our wedding present, and I’ve always loved it! It’s been in our guest room since we’ve gotten it, but now I feel it’s really set off by the rest of the room. It’s more showcased, instead of hidden in a room that had a lot of distractions which is what it felt like before. 

IMG_3506[2] And of course, a little pull of color on the little end table with some framed art and a little greenery.

‘ve learned over time that it is very much okay to mix patterns. I also learned, you need a solid neutral to mute it and to break up the patterns so it doesn’t become a busy mess. Which is why I chose to do gray stripe pillow cases, the simple patterned pillow cases that came with the sheet set, and a pair of crisp white pillow cases. You still get the great look of the patterns, but the white pillow cases and white comforter is a break for the eye.. gives you a chance to relax before looking on to the next piece of eye candy. Make sense?

IMG_3560[2] On to the other side of the room! My plans for this dresser are eventually changing out the knobs. As you can see one is missing. Maybe some glass knobs, or even a pop of color! As for the mirror collage, I was debating on spreading out the smaller mirrors to other parts of the room, but putting them together makes the room feel less cluttered, and I love how the collage makes it feel like one big mirror.




IMG_3581[2] I may re-accessorize the dresser, but this will work for now!

Once more with the before shot..


guest room

The best $36 bucks I’ve ever spent!


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