Ikea Hack – The Cork Trivet & Jewelry UNITE!


Ever have one of those days where you weren’t planning any particular craft or project, and then *light bulb*, something you didn’t even know you needed to do, pops into your head? That was me today. Minding my own business, when I was just hit with an idea completely unrelated to the lingering dirty dishes taking up most of my thoughts.

“The dishes can wait, I need to hot glue cork to my closet walls.”

Okay, it didn’t go quite like that.

Maybe my subconscious was looking for anything to do but dishes. Either way, my jewelry is organized and my mind is resting easy from something I never pinned for later, OR had any intent on doing until today. Is this what they call ADD?

Let me go write “Glue cork to walls” on my To-Do list just so I can check it off, and then we can proceed.


So, I have always needed a simple solution to my jewelry mess. It was basically packed in tiny drawers made for elves, and instead of fighting the tangled mess, I had kept to a simple pair of hoops/studs and changing out my necklace once in a while.

It was getting old. I feel bad I never change my earrings much, or wear more of the jewelry I have.

I honestly never looked up inspiration for this. It was only after I planned to blog this did I google Ikea hacks, and find out others had done the same with these versatile little trivets!

I plucked my 5 year old, unused trivets from my tupperware drawer and decided to hot glue them to this place in my closet.. just a board installed to support our clothing rod.

IMG_4378[2]web As you can see, I used it to hang my scarves. I need a solution for them as well, and I’ve seen tons of great ideas… Another time, another post.

My closet is small, and the angles and placement of where the builders installed things was half-assed, but making the most of this small space, I knew I wanted to utilize this particular spot eventually.

Apparently today.

So this blank space turned into my little jewelry station. Everyone has a match, and every thing is in it’s place. I’m internally a crazy organized freak. But externally, I need motivation. So I relish in little victories like this cheery spot.

Yay, I can see you jewelry!
I’ve always hated the idea of displaying jewelry when it first became a huge trend. It felt too readily available for robbers (not that I have much of value), and impractical for moving. I still don’t care too much for it, but I like this for some reason. It’s more subtle than making a statement with the framed jewelry display using chicken wire. It’s me. :) That’s why I like it.

An angle shot from the door going into my closet.. It also gives you a peek at my Rast hack as well! I just did my Rast’s a few weeks ago while the hubs was away. I’ll be posting soon about them :)

“Lovelovelovelovelove” – Jim Carrey
That’s how I feel about my jewelry now. :)


Until next time,