First Signs of Spring

Despite the fact that it was cloudy and looked like it was about to rain any second, today was a gorgeous spring day! My elderly neighbor is considered, in my book, the plant whisperer. Her yard in immaculate. She knows what to plant and how to keep it alive in this harsh Texas climate. I’m completely envious of her yard.

Last year she asked if she could pull my weeds because it was therapeutic for her.

I’m sad she’s moving. It’s not often you find a neighbor who wants to pull your weeds!

So today while I was enjoying this weather, I noticed her peach tree in the front had begun to bloom. It’s gorgeous.





According to her, it produces peaches better than Georgia peaches.

The blossoms are so beautiful. Spring is just starting to peek out! It wont be long before it’s summer and we’re up to our shins in weeds and ant hills. So with the windows open, and the breeze blowing by, I’m completely enjoying this perfect time of year.